Where do I buy the uniform?

Kendo is a unique martial art and requires specialized equipment, if you ever are unsure of where to buy from, ask one of the instructors. here is a brief overview on where to buy uniforms and what size sword you may need to begin practice:

How much does armor cost?

OKC kendo has free to borrow loaner sets of bogu "armor." Students are allowed to join the armored practice after about 3-6 months of practice depending on the age of the individual, and thier progress

What do i need to start practice?

Please come with an open mind and dressed in comfortable clothing suitable for exercise. A shinai "bamboo practice sword" will be loaned to you.

How much does kendo class cost?

OKC kendo is a volunteer dojo, you simply sign up for a membership at the Santa fe Family Life Center for a membership plan. The only additional fee is the Annual Federation Dues, covering insurance. for more signup information please visit our enrollment page here:

Do i need to have a martial arts background?

Absolutely not, anyone can begin practice. Kendo is a unique martial art, since its not really like anything else.

What age ranges do you accept?

Generally we suggest kids be at least 12-13 years or older to join the kendo class. OKC kendo mostly consists of adult beginners, you are never too old to start.

Do I need to be in shape?

Kendo is a full contact activity, so please consult with your doctor on whether or not this is right for you. However kendo is just as much a mental art as physical, any one of any fitness level can join and enjoy practice to whatever capacity they can.