How do I start?

First thing is to visit the dojo and check out what kendo is all about! We have a limited beginners enrollment period, to learn how to signup please visit our Enrollment page Here.

Location: Santa fe Family Life Center

Practice times: Tuesday & Thursday 6-8pm

Beginner enrollment months: Jan, May, Aug, Nov


Don't worry we got you! There are a lot of Japanese terms we used in kendo practice, but don't worry below is a list of common phrases used during practice

Kendo Beginners Equipment Guide compressed.pdf
Kendo Practice Routine Guidelines with Kanji.pdf

What do i need to start?

All that is needed to start kendo practice are comfortable clothing to move around in no special equipment is needed to begin practice. Bring and open mind and we'll provide you with loaner gear for the first couple of weeks! However If you want to purchase your own equipment, below are the first things you'll want to purchase:


Bamboo sword used in practice, consult a sensei on the size needed for practice, however most adults will want a size 39. 


Uniform Top Navy blue color is what we use in kendo

Bokuto or Bokken

Solid Oak sword used in Kata Practice


Uniform Pants, Navy Blue is what we want to use as a color

Where to buy equipment? 

Below are a list of our recommended vendors for kendo equipment. this list is always evolving. so if you find a different vendor, please confer with a sensei before purchase.

What should I buy first? We recommend getting a beginners set that has all the below items:

Option 1 California Budogu


"fyi this is the nicest uniform on this list by a long shot especially if you go with the cotton keiko-gi" 

this will need a few special instructions to wash, also always Hang dry the kendo uniform.


you can get these from any vendor really I'd just go with a basic practice one for now, there are a ton of options out there.


you can get these from any vendor really here are a few vendors:

Option 2 Kendo Star

Option 3 E-Bogu

This is the best deal i can find on a beginner all inclusive set

you'll want to get the following:

Shinai size: 39 "bamboo sword length" 39 is for adults

Tsuba option: "add one tsuba and stopper" this is a handguard for the bamboo sword

Bokuto option: white, natural, or red "avoid black as it can scuff on other peoples equipment"

Bokuto Tsuba option: "add one tsuba and stopper" this is a handguard for the oak sword

Juban/Shitagi: Not needed "this is a white like undershirt" 

Uniform Tutorials

Keikogi  "top" Tutorial

Yoko musubi Knot tutorial for kendo

Shinai Tutorials